Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stripping -why so serious?

Photo by Saara Salmi.

With all the gala-business going on I forgot to post my new business card! Designed by Bettie Blackheart, of course ;)

Last night I went to Lahti for the "Chicago Erotic" fair to see Cherry Dee, Vera de Vil, Tinker Bell and Sir Willy Waterlily perform. It´s a great idea to bring burlesque to an "sexhibition" of sorts but somehow it just made it totally clear that burlyQ has ten-thousand-times more eroticism than the regular stripping... This is, of course, only my opinion about it, and all do respect for all strippers all over but *why* does it have to be so damn serious?!?!?

So ok. I get that it has to go 'show all' and use props in a very porn-for-straight-men-oriented way -but I couldn´t help but wonder that it really would have made a huge difference if the girls had added a twinkle in their eye and a bit of self-irony to the whole thing. Is it really so that one has to have the face of a blow-up-doll?

And I say girls here on purpose: there was a really good English bloke (Tyson Brown) who part from hmm, looking the part was really funny. As in *people laughed*. There was a Superman-cape and the Union Jack (used in a way I´m sure would make the Queen blush) and that oh-so-important-self-irony. The other guy we saw took himself too seriously and that just killed it.

It goes without saying I like the tease more than the strip and one thing that really drew me to burlesque was that it´s old-school, innocent in a way, funny, cheesy and ironic. I like the fact that there´s stuff left to the imagination. For me it became blatantly clear last night that it really is more fun that most stripping.
Sigh. Maybe I have to go to Vegas or New York for the good strip-clubs? And just saying that while sitting here in my robe, having my morning coffee makes me crack up! :)
Have a good Saturday folks! I´m off to pluck some turkeys (yes- really) !!!

Photo by Roy Bäckström


  1. Honey, burlesq is soooooo much better than basic striptease, in my man opinion! naked people is so last season ;)

  2. sorry, left one word off... "PLAIN" naked people I was supposed to say. And we all need something else in our lifes and glitter+humour is just that!