Monday, November 21, 2011



Well hello again! 
You might remember me complaining a while back about how I thought "real" stripping was lacking humor?! It seems my moans (no pun intended here) were heard: our lovely Milova Penestrada ( now *there* I´m sure  IS a pun :) is organizing an evening to remember: Pussy Buffet.

She has this great idea to bring strippers and burlesque (girls) together for a bit of a naughtier night -however the g-strings will be kept on so I guess no silk-yarn will be pulled out of vaginas here (in comparition to the last striptease-show i saw). Olivia Rouge, Cherrie A. Dorable, Welma Jackpot, Cherry BonBon, Marie la Mint, Milova and myself will be the burlesque-part and it will be hosted my the outrageous Lamey Crackhouse. 

My act will be definetly more funny than naughty - or the naughtyness is very tongue-in-the-cheek and I am looking forward to seeing how everything mixes together. Sometimes when I listen to songs and try to find a certain mood for a new number I catch myself thinking "this would be good but damn it´s too much of a stripper song!" As a girl who grew up listening to Aerosmith and Mötley Crüe it would be awesome to use  something of theirs...but I combine nudity and "Girls,girls,girls", "Love in an elevator" and even Marilyn Manson´s "Beautiful people" with dark clubs and Jenna Jameson :) NOT that there´s anything wrong with Jenna but one tries to be original, if you get my drift. I try not to use "The Stripper"or "Harlem Nocturne" either. Well maybe "The Stripper", it´s so damn funny ;) !

But nobody said anything about putting "stripper-music" in ones blog so I will take my opportunity and treat you with this! Enjoy ;)

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