Friday, July 8, 2022

Naistenbileet Vaimola, Oulu!

 Happy & Proud to be a part of this event in Oulu! 

More info here! 20% of the ticket sales will go to the womens´ safe house Mona in Oulu. I´ll bring two acts - both never seen in Oulu before!

Saturday, May 28, 2022

American Tour

 I can´t believe this is happening! Me & Miss Acrolicious are doing a mini-tour on the West Coast in June! After we finish The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender in Las Vegas (where Miss Acrolicious competes in the Queen Category!!!) we will head out to Portland and from there to San Francisco.

You can see us at these events:

11.06. Jack London Burly-Q Revue, Portland

12.06. Sinferno Cabaret, Portland

14.06. Burlynomicon, Portland

18.06. The Hubba Hubba Revue, San Francisco

20.06 TBA, San Francisco 

Tickets to these events can be found on my Linktree !

See you soon!


Sunday, April 10, 2022

Vision L´ESC 14.05.2022

 These times hey... I feel overwhelmed and exhausted as I´m sure many of you do as well. I have no advice expect please donate money or help in other ways if you can. Try not to doom scroll. Hugs the ones you love. Be careful about what and who you share on (social/)media and block the trolls. 

The pandemic is not over but restrictions are lifting which is great news for the cultural field that have been struggling. Lahti Burlesque has been able to organize a couple of events this Spring and we are happy to offer you a third one, a real break from the world at that: a night of Eurovisions and burlesque!

You can find the event here! Pepper Potemkin will also teach a WORKSHOP earlier that day, deets to follow.

Tickets can be bought via e-mail:

I´m hoping to be able to share more details about my & Miss Acrolicious US.tour this June SOON....

Keep on keeping on <3

Poster by Peach Ka Boom

Sunday, February 27, 2022

DA DA BLING! goes Skutta

 This Saturday, after being moved a couple of times due to restrictions, we´re finally able to get on stage at Skutta restaurant in Helsinki!

LAHTI people should also note that there´s a show this Friday at Tirra: Winter Temptation Burlesque and you can find more info about it here!

Skutta is a small club curated by Bettie Blackheart and there´s a possibility for dinner & show! On stage: 

Illan emäntänä Bettie Blackheart
Lavatiikerinä Frank Doggenstein
Ovet aukeavat klo. 18.30 / Ruokailu 19.00 / showtime 20.00
3 ruokalajin illallinen + show 66 euroa
Show ilman ruokaa ( lippuja rajoitetusti ) 28 euroa

More information here!

Monday, November 29, 2021

Lahti Burlesque Xmas Edition!

 WELCOME - we are thrilled to bring you some Seasonal craziness & glitter! Saturday, December 18th Tirra in Lahti will be the place you want to be at - check out this line-up:







Host: Gigi Praline, stage kittens: Deen D´Vine & Sofia La Stara

The evening and the attached workshop (Lala L´More: silkfans) will be partly covered with the grant given to me by Svenska kulturfonden <3 TACK!

Tickets: *Please notice we will check your covidpass (koronapassi) by the door!*

Information about the workshop here!

Poster: Christian Hemming

Monday, November 1, 2021

Burlesque Exposé!

 In less than two weeks I´ll be shaking my tail feathers in amazing company at Tampere-talo! Tix are selling fast so hurry up and grab yours!

It´ll be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this version of my "Midtown"-number since it´s being performed with a LIVE BAND! I can´t wait! 

More information, tickets etc. HERE!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Burleskitanssin tiiviskurssi Kuopiossa!

 Helei Savo ja Itä-Suomi!

Kuun vaihteessa, 29.-30.10. on tarjolla burleskitanssin tiivaria Kuopiossa! 


Burleskitanssi on matalan kynnyksen tanssillista liikuntaa, jonka elekieli pohjaa burleskiin. Se ei ole esittävää burleskia, eikä tunnit sisällä lavalla nähtävää stripteasea.
Burleskitanssi sopii kaikille sukupuolille ja kehoille ikään katsomatta!
2 x 1,5h tutustuminen burleskitanssiin sisältää lämmittelyn, perusliikkeiden harjoittelua (esim. bump ´n´grind, shimmyt), askelsarjoja sekä helpon koreografian treenaamista ilman ryppyotsaisuutta. Tunti voi sisältää ilmaisuharjoitteita, tasapainoa edistäviä harjoitteita ja lopputunnista pidämme pienen lihaskunto-osuuden.

Tunnille voit tulla ilman tanssitaustaa! Pukeudu vaatteisiin joissa sinun on helppo liikkua (esim. legginsit). Voit olla avojaloin tai itsellesi sopivissa tanssikengissä, emme suosittele korkeita korkoja tai platform-pohjaisia kenkiä. Ota mukaan myös vesipullo ja liikunnan riemua!

Tapahtuman facebook: täältä 

Työpaja pidetään osoitteessa:
Pyöräkatu 15
29.10 perjantai klo 19.30-21
30.10 lauantai klo 11-12.30
Työpajan hinta 65€
Kurssi toteutuu mikäli osallistujia on vähintään 6 hlöä
Sitovat ilmoittautumiset sähköpostilla osoitteeseen 25.10.2021 mennessä. Otsikoi sähköposti isolla: BURLESKITANSSI
Maksuohjeet saat vahvistusviestissä.
Huomioimme voimassa olevat viranomaissuositukset. 

Kuva: Asko Jonathan  Photography