Thursday, October 5, 2017

La La Land

Join us tonight for a night where dreams are born and broken! Pirates Pleasures club at Wäiski, as per usual. More info here!

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Traveling to Brussels again tomorrow and the Finnish game is strong! Pepper Sparkles, Dixie Feathers, Turrrbocherry and yours truly will all perform this weekend at the Devils in High Heels festival so if you´re in town come say hello!

More info here !

Thursday, August 17, 2017

pARTy By The River

This Saturday I´m honored to share the stage with some amazing performers in Turku at the party By the River -Ajan Virrassa. The line up is pretty stellar so be sure to come see us! The event starts tonight and there will be amazing shows for THREE nights!
Saturday line up:
Luminous Pariah (US)
Havana Hurricane (UK)
Fräulein Frauke (SE)
Bettie Blackheart 
Frank Doggenstein
Harley Queen
Gigi Praline
Pepper Sparkles
Rhea Gone
Fae Nyx
Diva Benders
Dixie Muffins & Sam Bodi

More info here!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Burleskitanssin workshopit Lahdessa!

Syksyllä jatkuu burleskitanssin tiivis-työpajat Mueve! lla Lahdessa! Taso on edelleen alkeis/alkeisjatko joten rohkeasti mukaan!
Työpajat pidetään lauantaisin klo. 12.30-14 ja ennakkoilmoittautumiset pitää merkitä edeltävän torstai-iltaan klo 20 mennessä varauskalenteriin että saadaan työpajat pidettyä (minimimäärä osallistujia on 8kpl). Hinta tiivarille on 18e/kerta.

Tervetuloa mukaan!

P.S muistattehan että myös Helsingin Lauttasaaren Studio Shangri-La:ssa jatkuu burleskintanssi alkeisina maanantaisin minun ja Molly Moonstonen vetäminä!


Photo: John-Paul Bichard

Monday, June 12, 2017


After an explosive start to the Summer it´s time to cool things down a bit. I have a few hen-parties to teach and I´m still availeable for shows, -do feel free to ask! BUT I will be gone to the beach the for two weeks of July ;)

I´ll leave you with this excellent article where Bettie Blackheart talks about burlesque, the demonisation of female sexuality and other important stuff. Only in Finnish, sorry!

Read the whole thing here! Have a relaxing Summer-time <3

Photo: Asko Jonathan Photography

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Croatian Burlesque Festival

I´ve wanted to visit Croatia for a really long time and can´t wait to finally be able to in two weeks! I will be performing at the first Croatian burlesque festival on Friday the 26th May and then I´ll teach my Shimmering High Heels-workshop the following day!

It´s an easy and fun class for everyone - you don´t need to be a dancer nor a performer to participate! Be sure to sigh up - more info here !

Photo by Pin Up Helsinki

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival 2017

I´m very excited to travel to the UK next weekend to perform at the Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival! The tickets for the events (that start this Thursday) are selling fast so you should grab yours! More information here!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Lauantaina on jälleen tarjolla burleskitanssia Lahdessa työpajan muodossa! Ilmoittautumiset suoraan Mueve!:lle, vielä muutama tarvitaan että saadaan paja toteutumaan!

Lisäinfoa täältä!

Photo: Tuomas Lairila 

Sunday, March 12, 2017


This weekend did not turn out AT ALL as I had expected. As all is said in the article where we,  "The Toulouse 8" (thank you Tigger! for this <3 ), explain the situation I do want to thank everyone who has sent me and the others messages of support.

Read our open letter here.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017


The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. Thank you to Lili Mirezmoi for having me perform at her Sassy Cabaret in Brussels the other week, to John-Paul Bichard for taking some amazing photos and to everyone at the burlesque brunch <3

Last weekend was the 10th Helsinki Burlesque Festival and as I really have no words to describe the whole thing (I´ll do a proper post later) I want to thank Bettie & Frank for making the magic happen and for having me as a part of the whole thing.
Thee Dizzy Daisies premiered our new Ice fairies-number and there are so many people and acts that made my head spin I really have to get back to this later.

...because tomorrow at 4am I´m off to perform three nights at the Toulouse Burlesque Festival, - yeah that´s France! I looked at the weather and it´s +20 and sun -can´t wait!

Hope to see you in Toulouse, folks! Be safe!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Burlesque Blossoms

Tonight is the annual "newbie night" - Burlesque Blossoms! I will be there rooting for everyone, there might be some tickets left.
More info here!

I still remember how terrified and excited I was at my own Newcomer´s Night in 2010 :)
Good luck everyone, you´re sparkling miracles already <3

P.S remember to BREATHE!

Me with Bettie Blackheart after my own Newcomer´s Night in 2010

Friday, January 20, 2017


Pikaisesti ilmoittautumaan Mueve!:lle että saadaan kevään työpajoja toteutumaan! (Tanssikoulussa on minusta riippumaton osallistuja-alaraja).
Tarjolla 75min burleskitanssia alkeis/alkeisjatko-tasolla sekä perusliikkeitä puuhkien/hanskojen kanssa! Muitakin toiveita otetaan vastaan! Paras tapa viettää lauantai-iltapäivä <3

11.02.2017 klo 16.10
18.03.2017 klo 16.10

t. Gigi

Lisätiedot täältä!

Pic: JBM

Friday, January 6, 2017

Body Love

Happy New Year 2017!

Let´s hope it´ll be all that and a bag of chips! Listen, apart from hopefully teaching a Shimmering High Heels-burlesque workshop in Turku on January 28th I also have the immense pleasure of performing in Tampere the same evening!

Olivia Rouge did it again: she´s putting me on stage with some AMAZING performers. I´ve been hoping for The Return Of Rudie Ruthless *for ages* and here it IS: he will be here! Stella Polaire, Nana Violet, Lady Laverna, , Mimi de FrouFrou, Olivia herself AND the amazing Rubyyy Jones from the UK!
I met this woman in Vienna at the first ever Vienna Boylesque Festival and let me tell you: she is quite something <3
Can´t WAIT to see her again!!!

You know the drill: get tix. It will probably sell out.