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A classy and mischievous act including the classic feather boa. Gigi tells a well-known story about the girls´ best friends with a twinkle in her eye. This act is easily performed in smaller spaces/stages.

Photo: Veera Korhonen


Probably one of her most popular performances Tahiti is a fruity, quirky act that will leave the audience smiling! What do you get when you combine a huge fruit hat, a banana skirt and the well-known song from the 80´s Finnish humour series Hymyhuulet?!? Well, it´s not something you have ever seen before! (act will leave small amounts of glitter on stage) 

Photo: unknown

Kiss (of a shy girl)

Gigi´s most vintage looking-act, going back to the 30´s and inspired by a dress from Ginger Rogers -including a fantastic head piece by Fiona Timantti, this black & sparkling number is klassy with a K :) When a shy(ish) girl finally finds her courage you really want to be there to see it! Including assels and song by Ricky Tick Big Band!

Photo: JBM 

Praline Airlines 

Be sure to locate your closest emergency exits! In this act Gigi takes you on a flight to Bangkok, a flight with a few bumps and grinds on the way. This sassy stewardess is quite tongue-in-cheek. Due to her REAL work experience as a flight attendant Gigi provides you with a flight simulation that will be quite unforgettable!

Photo: Emiliano Melandri

In Flames 

The first inspiration to this act came from the film "Inglorious Basterds" and the amazing scene where Shosanna burns the movie theatre down.This act is dramatic and a guaranteed showstopper - and like with the Phoenix bird there is something unexpected raising from the flames! It includes a magnificent, hand-made outfit with a hand-colored silk veil made by Olivia Rouge! For this, it usually is easier performed in a bigger space. 

Photo: Kaylin Idora 

Lucia, faithfully 

Saint Lucia is celebrated in Scandinavia on the 13th of December when she, with candles in her hair, brings light to our darkest season. In every person there is, however, a side that is hidden. Gigi´s Lucia shines in all the colors of the rainbow playing with stereotypes and heteronormativity and hoping to shed light upon gay rights and equality for all. 

Photo: JBM

Zigoto (under construction-not available ATM)

"Zigoto" in French means "weirdo" or in Finnish "outolintu" which word for word translates into "odd bird". Gigi´s albatross-inspired bird starts out quite classical and serene but turns out the bird is more than just her feathers!
Act includes a 3 meter long Star boa made by burlesque legend Fannie Annie and some go go-moves.

Photo: Jari B. Miettinen

Midlife Crisis

We are living in a world where the pressure to look a certain way -and a certain age, is harsh. As we sometimes we forget that we really should love our bodies and who we are, Midlife Crisis is an ode to the bits on our bodies we´d rather not talk about. Humorous, dramatic and flashy with an amazing ensemble made my Renea Le Roux. 

(c) Tuomas Lairila


An act inspired by jazz-music and modern dance Gigi will take you deep under the waves with a magical fan-dance to a well-known Finnish song about the sea and love lost ("Myskyluodon Maija" by Lenni-Kalle Taipale)

(c) JBM

A Tribute to Dirty Dancing

"I carried a watermelon!"
A tribute to one of the greatest love stories in movie history told with the always fun go go-dance action! Let the fringe fly and shimmy on! Act leaves glitter & confetti on stage. 


Oh the joy of being a woman? Or...is it? There are as many ways of being and feeling female as there are people identifying as ones, -this is just one take on the subject. An upbeat and entertaining number that leave the audience open to interpretation.

Photo: Rafa Photography

Xmas Fan Dance 

Every year around November mr. Bublé is dragged out of his cave to entertain the Holiday-spirits of us all! This fun and nutty fan dance is a tribute to all things kitch and also a little nod to Michael Bublé -lets not be too serious about things! Perfect for corporate events and Holiday parties! 

Photo: JBM

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