Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Colors and a bit of a wedding

 It´s a gorgeous day; sunshine, the colors of Fall...and I´m sick again. This time I also lost my voice. Trying to keep my spirits up with positive thinking, which made me look at this piece of art I have at home: the cake-topper from our wedding made by the awesome Tapani Kokko. He is a friend and a neighbor and a well-recognized artist who has had exhibitions both in Finland and abroad, latest Paris and Rotterdam http://festivalwww.nl/en/artist/tapani-kokko-finland/

I love his work! It´s a mix of naïve and grotesque, lots of colors, skulls, sexuality...reminds me a bit of South American stuff, the Day of the Dead and such.
Add a bit of Autumny colors; pumpkins, apples and gerberas and it made a pretty stilleben. Sunshine is a nice bonus :)
Photo by Roy Bäckström
Staring at the topper took me back to that wedding day. We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary in the beginning of September - time flies! This photo was taken in the car on our way to church. I was really nervous and the driver kept joking that we still had time to turn around and he could drive me to the airport if I´d like that.

I´m glad I chose not to ;)


  1. Tapani Kokko is fantastic & you look gorgeous! As does your upcoming outfit :)

  2. Thank you <3 !
    I´m dreaming of being able to buy one of Tapani´s newer pieces with the skulls... *sigh*