Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It´s on!

Pepper cutting fabrics to *secret stuff* ;)

Tonight has been about good stuff;  burlesque, bodybalance and sushi. No complaints here! We got some stuff kickstarted at Raspberry Fields, booked in more rehersal- and shopping time, last looks at music and even some of the outfits are (at least on a mental level) almost done. Yey! Good work, sistahs! Listening to Serge Gainsbourg here and it always makes me feel a bit frisky so I´ll share it with you ;)  Have an awesome, snowy week lovelies! 

Sandy, making an important face :)

Keep your eyes peeled for this poster!

Feathery antennas? Maybe.

I knew my baby-blue sequins would come in handy sooner than later! Little purse from Little Mama´s Goodies and ring souvenir from Mombasa.

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