Friday, February 24, 2012

HBF12 unrevealed part 1

Well, here we week after our performance. I´m still alive, so are everybody else ( that never was a question) and the glitter has finally started to slowly but surely settle down.  I am very thankful I have been able to have holidays this week, since my brain still mostly works around people I´ve met, things I´ve learned and my up-coming numbers...I did get some papers graded and other planning done yesterday so the Teacher is still in there.

I have almost no pictures from HBF Day1- I guess it´s partly due to nerves, partly due to the fact that my mother came to see me the first time on stage and I was way too excited and anxious of her reactions to remember the camera. How did it go? Well, she ran out Saturday-morning and bought tickets for her, my stepdad and their friends for that night - so I guess it went really well! :)

Most of these pictures I´ve knicked from friends, so please forgive me if I get the tags are wrong (Jari and Tuomas- let me know!). There are a couple of blogs where you can see photos as well: Kiki Hawaiji - the creature of tropics <3 and Rhia the Evil Dressmaker.

I´ll post Thee Dizzy Daisies "making of"-part later since I´m sure you´ll enjoy the glitz and glam more for now! Oh yes, the number went well apart from my cock-up with the sunglasses (leaving them on my head for Autumn) but timing was decent and I actually had a lot of fun on stage! I felt like my self-confidence has grown since I started and I really learned a lot from the tips I heard at the workshops the week before. Therefor people: if you EVER have a chance to take ANY kind of workshop with performing people you should DO IT! You´re never finished learning and the more you talk to people, watch them perform and stay humble and embrace those things the more experienced ones have to tell you the better you´ll get and the more you enjoy yourself. At least this works for me. I still know I (among other things) really have to work on keeping my head up (I look neckless in pictures) and standing (I stand like a trucker) and getting more dance into my coreo and...and...and... Suck it in and make it your own ;)

But alas, enough and here are the pictures! In no real specific order except we were first and Erochica Bamboo and Miss Indigo Blue were the two last ones... But you get the idea. Have a great Friday! I´m off to shoot some pictures with Adam Monaghan <3

Summer a-go-go
Pic: Jari B. Miettinen until differently mentioned

Spring with Vivaldi 

Blown away by Autumn

Winter butts ...

Beautiful headpieces by amazing Fiona Timantti!

Welma Jackpot 6 Scotty the Blue Bunny
Pictures by Tuomas Lairila until differently mentioned

The *hot* Cherry A. Dorable

Olivia Rouge

Yes, mama <3

Incredible 3-titted Lola Vanilla

Bettie Bottomdollar

The Blackbirds <3

The Golden Glamazon Sydni Deveraux

One and only Bettie Blackheart, the Hellsinki Hellcat <3

Miss Anne Trophy

TA DA! Christopher Wonder

Miss Indigo Blue, Reigning Queen of Burlesque <3

The GOdfather of Manlesque: Frank Doggenstein

Frank Doggenstein

The unbeliveable Erochica Bamboo

Miss Indigo and her never-ending gloves

Sydni <3

Miss Indigo the Twirly Girl

Me and Hedoluxe backstage
Pic by me

Me and mother
Picture by Anna Hemming

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