Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

Hope everyone is ready to welcome the new year with a bang! That said, be careful with those explosives and do wear protective eye-gear etc. Have fun but don´t be stupid, ok?
I want to thank everyone for the past year. It´s been partly hectic (both burlesque- and otherwise) but I have learned a lot and I got to meet some of my all-time idols, took some amazing workshops as well as taught my first own ones. I have met some good people and deepened some relationships to friendships. I lost a dog and a cat, gained a kitten and a puppy. I didn´t do as much in my garden that I wanted but I got to travel a lot. 
I am not making any new years´resolutions since I´m shit at keeping them but I will promise to try to get better at what I do, to evolve as a performer and not get stuck in a rut but to learn to be more forgiving to myself, to have more patience with things ( and people) and  to continue to try to treat others as I´d like to be treated. 
Have a great evening people! Much love,
yours, Gigi

With Sally Vanilla, photo Adam Monaghan

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