Saturday, February 21, 2015


#HELBF15 is ON next week and I´m stoked about everything about it! I´m bringing a new act for Friday, helping out with the backstage catering, taking many wonderful workshops and getting to meet old and new peeps <3 Simply put: bloody marvelous!

One of the absolute favourite performers is Mr. Gorgeous from New York. I had the pleasure of seeing him on and off stage at the Vienna Boylesque Festival last May and yes, he is as gorgeous and *tall* as he seems. The perfect Clark Kent-image that he brakes with the most immaculate comedic timing. He is a real sweetheart as well, being genuinly *nice* to you. He´s also a costumier, I got hubby a pair of his tiger-swimtrunks for our trip to the Keys :) We´re taking his acrobatics workshop next week Sunday -yikes!

Anyway, if you don´t have ticket for the Helsinki Burlesque Festival you ARE seriously missing out!
I´m hoping to see this act again live... <3 Mr. Gorgeous in Vegas

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