Saturday, March 7, 2015

A little ditty about #helbf15

Here I am, at the bottom of my bed with a horrible cold....I can´t remember being this ill since my Dengue-fever some years ago. At least I got my sinuses open now and can walk around for more than 5min without wanting to faint :) I was totally bummed out for missing the Abstinenssi-klubi last night! Good thing is, I heard there will be more of them <3 YAY! Also, feeling pretty happy that I have a couple of weekends off and not having to perform while feeling like this, I know a few colleagues that are not so lucky. Hang in there, babes! Glitter and ibuprofein go a long way.

Anyway, my point was NOT to moan about this (since there are shitloads of worse things out there than a flue, as crappy as it is) but to share a link with you from last weekends Helsinki Burlesque Festival! Read this interview with Bettie Blackheart in Sylvi (my new number also got a mention, hurrah!) - this is, unfortunately, only in Finnish.

I´ll tuck myself in so I´ll hopefully be ready to rokk on Monday again! Have a wonderful weekend <3

"Midlife Crisis" (c) Tuomas Lairila

(c) Mats Öun

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