Sunday, April 3, 2016

Devils In High Heels

As I am still recovering from this weekend -SO MUCH goodness happening!!! - I´m delighted to tell you I have been accepted to perform in Brussels this September!!!

Thank you Lahti for embracing our event on Friday, I was a bit nervous about how big the turn out would be since we had only two weeks to advertise but the house was full and the show was rocking! This means me & hubby will do our damnest to try to organize more of these evenings!

Last night as Drag me to HEL ...I can´t even start to describe it! I´ll post some pics later but let me just say I saw hubby go go dancing on stage in minimal, pink swimwear and got to hug Ben De La Creme <3 Lola Vanilla and Lamey Crackhouse - you have produced a beautiful, glittery and fierce event! THANK YOU!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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