Friday, August 26, 2016

Sparkling High Heels in Athens!


One more month to go and me and Dick Tator will be taking Athens by storm :) I´ve never been to there and it´s been a dream of mine. I love Greece <3
Remember to sign up for my workshop and then later the same night (Sunday 2nd of October) we will be shaking our tail feathers with La Dandizette at Faust, hosted by Dick!

Sparkling High Heels (2h): A combo of Gigi´s workshops! The 2,5h workshop include a short history of burlesque, a warm up, basic high heel knowledge (both theory and practise) to become friends with those fantastic shoes, fun excersises to boost your confidence & balance using boas and gloves plus an easy dance coreo!

Info to workshop here!

Original pic by JIRINA

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