Friday, April 20, 2012

Olivia Rouge

I just made a road trip to Tampere to see my girl Olivia R. - she´s making my new costume and also...since we could not resist while in the fabric store, a dress and a shirt as well. She´s also a great burlesque performer (also one of the two gorgeous ladies in the Holy Curves! burlesque duo) and giving tutorials in vintage make-up and hair as well as burlesque workshops. If you are in to vintage-style you should definetly check out this girl´s website here. It was very much worth driving a few hours for: the costume will be beautiful and my new dress for the Spring Awakening is bling-ee :)

Some secrets in silk <3 Hand-dyed as well!

Dresses...So many dresses!

One of my favourites.

A sneak peak. It´s blurry and  black&white on purpose :) 

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