Thursday, April 19, 2012

Under a train!

Hello guys and dolls!
Wow, since last week I really am feeling I´m SO not catching up on my to-do-list! Being away on the sex.councelor course meant come Monday I had a pile of papers and essays to correct. Among other things. I love my teens but it really is a 150% job so most of the stuff is left to be done after school, which of course is fine when you´re on schedule with your things.  Sometimes I think this job is 40% teaching and the rest is byrocracy, meetings, planning, correcting, checking absence and notes... I´ve also been making job applications since I have to find something new for next Fall, this distance from home to work is driving me (and my partner) crazy. Also I´ve forgotten how time consuming filling out applications can be! I try not to stress about what will happen in August, hopefully I find something... But moan, moan! I´ll stop whining and blogging and take out those goddamn papers I still have not finished!  :) There are some definite gold frames to all of this though:
May-day is coming and therefor also my and Sandy´s first ever go go dance-gig! We have the coreo figured out, the dresses are slowly made and our boots are ordered so YAY! I´ll let you know details soon. Also this Saturday I´ll be shaking my Diamonds at Hehku beauty parlor in Helsinki with Bent van der Bleu and Sandy Jungle. Showtime is at 3pm so come a take a peak! Hehku is the place where I do my nails so... *wink, wink* Tomorrow I´m taking a roadtrip to see the fantabulous Olivia Rouge to try on my up-coming costume and my dress for the Spring Awakening party. Hurrah!

I want to leave you with the World Famous Pontani Sisters, they are so inspirational and gorgeous! Kiss!

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