Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Life is a circus sometimes. And now I mean in the best possible way. I hope you all know people who are clowns, trapeze-artists, lions and bearded ladies. Or at least people who could work as them in a circus :) If you don´t, I suggest you broaden your circle of friends!
The circus is an endless world of inspiration for me even if it has been a while since I got to go to a show. That will change tonight when me and hubster are attending Cirque du Soleils show "Alegría" in Hellsinki!!! I´m SO excited about it! I have, of course, seen the shows on tv and youtube but as with most performance art it is always best when live. I´m going with open senses and an open mind and I´m sure I will be blown away! Thought I would treat you with some wonderful vintage circus pictures that I found on the interwebs and a little teaser from Alegría. Have a great Wednesday!

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