Monday, March 4, 2013

On popular demand?

Do you know why I really love my job? You can never tell how a day will go! Today I found out that my students have found out about this burlesque life of mine. They have been very nice about it, a few cat-calls but mostly surpricingly "adult-like" conversations and questions.I really think a lot of people don´t give teenagers enough credit for capacity of independent thought and an ability to form opinions ´outside the box´. Yes, there are exceptions -but not all adults can do that, either. I am not saying that this was very surpricing, it was more like a matter of time since this has not been very secret. Last week my interview in Kotivinkki came out so it probably propelled it a bit more.

Kotivinkki 4/13
So, to clear things up I will link here two previous posts that I hope my students checking out this blog would read. Anyone else that finds this interesting, for that matter. The first one is my final thesis for my education for sexual counceling that I did on if burlesque affects the body image of female performers and it includes some information about WHAT burlesque is and a short history bit  (in Finnish only, sorry). You can read it here.

The other post I wrote last Fall after my students from my previous work found Gigi and also to answer a question I got here on the blog about if I don´t find it inappropriate as a teacher to do burlesque. Read it here!!!

So, I hope this will (once again) clear things up and I am more than willing to discuss the matter both face to face or here if the talk can be kept on a civilized level. I can agree to disagree but I will not have any shit thrown around. Some people dive, others dance in samba carnevals - I do burlesque. And I love it!

P.S You can read a very short version of last weekends festival in Finnish here .

P.P.S a marvelous interview with Dirty Martini at approx. 17.50min on the news!

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