Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Life at the circus

Firstly: thank you all of you party people last night! I´ll admit: performing for friends and ex-colleagues is intimidating and I was really nervous beforehand. Performing for people I know is somehow much harder than for an "unknown" audience, but I can take a guess that is the case for most of us. Also, since it was only my 2nd time doing "Praline Airlines" theres always that little extra nervousness about getting things properly done. You were goddamn amazing! Thanks for the support and cheers <3

I don´t know if I have mentioned this before but we have a circus here. No. Really. I know I keep saying life at the farm is a circus (and a railwaystation) during the Summertime since it´s busy as heck around here but we really have a circus here. I´m not talking clowns, ponies with feathers on their heads and trapeze-girls but five talented young lads from a circus school close by who have put up a show in our riding hall. Since I´m leaving tomorrow early in the morning and will miss the shows I got to see it today at their rehersals, and let me tell you: it´s brilliant! I wasn´t surpriced by the fact that these guys are talented, but there is such a fun story and the whole comical part of it all that I wasn´t expecting. I don´t know that much about "new" circus, obviously :) But I do love circus and I do love a good show. Plus the boys are really nice guys.
So, the shows are this Wednesday-Friday @6pm and Saturday-Sunday @2pm. Come show your support for yung artists and local culture if you´re around! And on Sunday there is the traditional Mallusjoen Takinkääntöviikko-music festival starting! That is a free thing and huge success so bring a friend and come and enjoy the Finnish countryside!

I have no clue about internets and blogging etc while I´m in Florida but I´ll try to keep you posted if there is something important :) I´m looking forward to quality time with my mother, reading brainless books by the pool and getting my nerves back before work starts. I do want to be relaxed and nice for my students! Oh, and I´m sure the husband appreciates it, too ;)

Not eery riding hall has a huge auditorium :)

Practice makes perfect

Got dizzy just watching...

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