Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer shoot

Well, this is what happens when one stands in cold water...I´ve got a terrible summer flue :(  I really hope this would pass ASAP, since I have lots to do before my holidays and really don´t have time to be sick in bed!!! AArgh! Flying with clogged sinuses isn´t on my top ten-list, either... Lots of ginger and honey and chillies, keep your fingers crossed I´ll be fit to fly for Monday when I have my next gig!
Here re some pictures from our photoshoot by the sea on Tuesday. It was nice and warm in the sun but the water was still pretty, hm...refreshing :) Emiliano is working on the results as we speak and they look great! Have a marbellous Thursday and stay healthy!

All packed and ready to go!

Tag am Meer

Em, getting his bum wet :)

In my new "Diamonds" custom made outfit from Pepper Sparkles <3

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