Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Long time

It´s been a while, hasn´t it?
between being really sick with a damn cold and a trip to Stockholm there hasn´t been much going on. I have officially declared Spring in the form of changing my kitchen curtains and buying a fabulous Frida-Kahlo-ish wax cloth for my big table! It´s bright turquoise with pink roses and I LOVE IT!
I was supposed to go and see Pepper Potemkin shake her thang last Saturday in Stockholm but having 38 degrees fever kinda put a stop to that plan :( Good thing is, she is coming to Helsinki Burlesque Festival next week!
NEXT WEEK! I´m taking workshops with Perle Noire and am happy to be Kitten DeVille´s workshop assistant -can´t wait to meet these amazing ladies! I´m trying not to stress about festival outfits, I will take the easy way out this year even if me, Sandy and Pepper do have an idea for Friday-night!
Looking forward to tomorrow at Raspberry Fields, I´ll be working on my upcoming number and making some coreo-changes with Sandy for some of Thee Daisies stuff. Just hope this snot would disappear from my head!!!
Have a grand day everyone! I need to get some teacher-stuff done, even on this week of holidays :) Ta!

(c) Jirina Alanko

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