Friday, February 21, 2014

Practice, practice...

Our studio tends to get a bit cold this time of the year, so it´s woollen socks and proper warm up that makes all the difference! Making a new number is such a pleasure, well at least at the point when things start "clicking" together. My dress is in the making and I have been planning stuff with Tyra Therman as well so this is definetly getting there! For my upcoming number the boost was my fantastic HUGE boa that burlesque legend Fannie Annie in Las Vegas made for me and that Bettie Blackheart kindly enough crammed into her suitcase from NYC last Fall. The next step was thinking of a story and then finding the right music...Now I´m working on the coreo and as some of you might remember that´s *always* the hardest part for me! I´m really looking forward the workshops of Perle Noire and Kitten DeVille next week since I really think they will help me hugely with my on going project!

People often ask where I get the initial ideas to new numbers from - it´s really hard to say sometimes. Mostly with me it has been the musical inspiration that comes firstly. It´s funny because I seldomly listen to music these days without thinking "hmmm, can I use this in something...?" It´s also a lot about research and trying to google if anyone has made anything similar before. One wants to be original and it´s a BIG no-no to rip other performers stuff!!!
I also tend to collect bits and pieces of costuming, jewellery, fabrics etc for future use. Sometimes I never use it, usually though a good portion of a number is things I´ve had for a good year. Sometimes it´s just an idea that I store up for future reference: like what kind of underwear I´d like to have or what colors I´d like to use. I have a little black notebook for ideas and store inspirational photos on my laptop.

Also something that is really important for me to get the number finished is a deadline :) Yup, I´m one of those. I might have a good idea and almost finished costume but until I have a set date when to perform it...well, let´s just say it´s a challenge.

Siberia stripper-chic @Raspberry Fields a few weeks ago

Practicing with my new boa last night!


  1. I'm a newcomer to burlesque (maybe you saw me perform at NCN Tampere in November?) and just recently started following your blog. Burlesque is something that has swept me off my feet and I want to work to become a very good performer. I think it's really interesting to find out how other performers work, how they put together a number, what they use for inspiration, so thank you for sharing. I agree, making a new number is so exciting, and I keep finding songs that inspire me. For me, the song is the starting point, I usually associate a song with a certain color or colors, and movement style. However for me the choreo and dance parts are probably the easiest because I've been dancing for a long time. It's not a piece of cake (because I have high standards for myself), but easier than putting together a costume or doing my makeup for example. I'm also looking forward to Perle Noire and Kitten De Ville's workshops this week, Perle's was the first one I signed up for as soon as the workshops were announced. And of course the main event on Friday & Saturday... can't wait!
    By the way, that boa looks HUGE. How much does it weigh?

  2. Hey, and sorry it took me a while to get back to you. It´s been a crazy week and it keeps getting better :) Yes, I was at NCN in November! I try to go to as many shows as possible just because I love the atmosphere at a live show!
    Lucky you, who have that dancing bit figured out! I honestly feel I have two left feet but then again, it´s a good thing we´re all different, eh? I try to take as many workshops and classes as possible...wish I could find a good dancing class (ANY kind) that I could go to on a regular basis but right now yoga has me pretty hooked. it´s good for balance, stamina and flexibility, so I´m not complaining :)
    The boa...gosh! I don´t know! A LOT. It´s fabric, very thick. I don´t have a scale at home so I can´t weigh it...But if we share a backstage sometimes you´re free to try it ;)
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow (?) at Perle´s class and then maybe Thu at Kitten´s workshop? I´ll be assisting her! <3

  3. Yup, that's one thing I love about burlesque: we're all different, with different skills and different backgrounds and different talents - and it's okay. For instance, even if dancing comes fairly easily for me, I suck at crafts. I haven't really tried yoga, but I think it must be as good for you as a dance class when it comes to balance, stamina and flexibility. With dance class comes the artistry part as well, learning to express yourself with your movements etc.
    I'm taking both Perle's and Kitten's workshops on Thursday so see you then!