Thursday, March 13, 2014


That is the hashtag used in the social media for this years Helsinki Burlesque Festival, check it out if you don´t believe me :) Here are a few snapshots (part one) found in my phone after the weekend. I really don´t take pictures of the shows... And I do recommend you do the same. Put your phone away. Enjoy the LIVE show. We look at life through a lense too much as it is. "Breathe through your mouth" like Scotty the Blue Bunny says.
Plus the fact that most, at least bigger, shows have professional photographers who will do a MUCH better job than we will with out phone-cameras!!! So relax, sit back, enjoy the experience and let the pro´s do their thing: on stage and off.

The gorgeous Lada Redstar, Pepper, Lassi and Tuomas at the meet&greet @ Hotelli Aleksanteri on Thursday

The crazy, wonderful women at meet&greet: Sandy, Tinker, Cherry, Koko La Douce and Fiona

Scotty with his new hat made by Bettie Blackheart´s mother <3
Us Daisies with our favourite Bunny and our Friday outfits: retro/vintage swimwear!

Handsomeness to the maxx: Jett Adore and Sir Willy Waterlily

The ever-so-sweet Kitten&Lou with our Godfather of Manlesque Frank Doggenstein

Dictator is trying to feed Lola Vanilla a banana and Tuomas is helping. Or something.

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