Monday, July 21, 2014

A few crazy photos

I have been told that one of my strong sides in performing is a very expressive face, that watching me is never boring because so much is going on in my face and eyes. That´s a good thing, right? Yes it is -until you get those pictures taken from a show :) !!! I have seriously been at lost since there are only a few I can use because my face looks so weird. Before going on stage I think "let´s calm this down a bit tonight" and then...I forget myself! Which, I suppose, is a good thing but also something I have to work on. NOT because of the pictures but because *being aware* on stage is a good thing from time to time. So while I go work on that here´s a few pictures from Midsummer Night´s Dream at Teerenpeli Tease in June! All pictures by A-P Hakanen!

Praline Airlines about to take off...

Our duo with Sir Willy: "Garden of Eden"


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