Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Holidays!

It´s time to wrap it up and get into the Holiday mood! Thank you everyone I have had the pleasure to work with this past year <3 As always, I´m super grateful to my ladies Sandy & Pepper for everything, the Studio Shangri-La Ladybosses Tinker Bell & Turrrbocherry for giving me a chance at teaching there and to hubby for support and shared adventures <3 As there won´t be any more gigs this year (I´m leaving to Thailand in a week and spending Xmas with my toes in the sand- HURRAH!!!) there will, however, be a workshop at Perhosvoltti and the info to that is in the previous post here on the blog -check it out!

Have yourself a great, relaxing and glittering Holiday season and see you in a few weeks! Remember to follow my facebook for info and updates!!!

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