Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks

It´s Thanksgiving weekend and even if it´s not celebrated here in Finland my thoughts have been somewhat "thankful". I had a wonderful dinner with friends on Friday, I´m finally over the flue and today I lighted the first candle for Advent. Four weeks to Christmas! Time flies. This time last year we had loads of snow, now it´s all grey and *wet* so I´m really looking forward to our Xmas escape to the sun.

I´m also really thankful for laughter. Humor is such a funny thing, ain´t it? And with friends that really becomes all-important: if you share the same kind of humor you´re set. Same with your lover, I guess. Laughter can be such a private thing, it can be misinterpreted and used for hurting feelings as well. But a good shared laugh is one of the best things in life. That´s why as much as I love those classic burlesque-acts I really, really enjoy when I get to see something that makes me crack up!

What really made my day was finding a link on facebook about the best musical acts in The Muppet Show.  Pure brilliant anarchy! So here, to make your Sunday-night: Mahna Mahna - a song by Piero Umiliani that was originally used in an Italian softpornish "documentary" about Swedish alcoholism, suicides and sexuality!!! This version really made me laugh!


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