Friday, November 11, 2011

Over the Rainbow

I have the immense and utter pleasure and honor to be a part of next years Helsinki Burlesque 
Festival´s main events! It´shall be special since it´s the 5th anniversary! Thee Dizzy Daisies will shake their tail feathers: the planning has begun as we speak and I can´t say how superduper-excited I am...
There will be workshops, wonderful people and a whole lotta bling let me tell you. The theme is "Over the Rainbow" - can´t wait to see peoples outfits! And Miss Indigo Blue will be there, I took her workshop last time she was in Helsinki and loooved it!!! Hugely inspirational! Not to mention the legendary Satans Angel! And Scotty the Blue Bunny! And many many more! Wow!!!!

Just the thought of it makes this icky November darkness seem a bit lighter. Well, I was just moaning today about how people already have put up Xmas lights in their gardens...I know it´s the drill in the US (out comes Santa, his reindeer and elves on the green lawns!) around Thanksgiving but I really can´t get used to it here at home. Maybe I´m just being boring. In my family even the tree wasn´t decorated until the morning of the 24th so maybe I´m just not used to it. Shit. Maybe there is a point to "holiday lights" - it is the darkest time of the year?! 

Or maybe it is, as someone I know pointed out, a matter of taste. Or lack there-of. As much as I love bling and glitter I just can´t see the beauty in the neon-lights shaped as candy canes blinking away... So I feel a little like the Grinch, moaning and groaning and peeing on peoples Holiday parades :) 
I´m going to wait until the beginning of December for my garden lights, until then I´ll settle for candles -and glögg (Scandinavian version of Glühwein: warm, spiced up red wine)! That should warm up these moaning bones! 

Now, I shall leave you with the lovely Dorothy and Toto who already went over the rainbow (and whose red ruby slippers I might have to steal...)  and bid you good night for now! Ta!

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