Sunday, March 25, 2012

Glitter eyes!

Onni, my kitteh for next week <3 
I went to my faculty party on Friday and wanted to try the glittery eyes that I have seen Turbo Cherry Dee have on a couple of occasions. I asked her how she pulls it off and got some great tips. Usually, colorful glitter is a bad idea on the face unless you go for something wild since it´s really hard to keep in one place and it ends up making your face look dirty. Cherry´s tips: use a eyeshadow of the wanted color (I used a turquoise one with a lot of pigment), then add a glitter-glue and only after that the loose glitter. The glue will make everything stick. It´s really not that hard and didn´t take up a lot of time. I have quite heavy lids so next time I think I´ll put the color a but over the actual moving lid. Add liquid eyeliner and false lashes and your ready to go! Cherry has some great style inspiration and hair tutorials and other good stuff on her The Freelancer´s Fashionblog, you should go check it out! I´m off to pack my bags again, we have a study-meeting with my group and I´ll be cat-sitting at my mother´s. I´ll get to perform my "Kiss" at a private party next Thursday but remember to get tickets to Boom Boom Burlesque if you want to see it 5th of April ;)

Goodies from Fast´n´Loud: Bettie Page scarves and my new turquoise glitter!

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