Sunday, March 18, 2012

St.Paddy´s @ Virgin Oil

Oh sweet Sunday!

The sun is shining, the coffee is black and bitter and I´m swearing myself off high heels for...well, at least 24h :) I´ve had such a great weekend! Roadtrip with Sandy on Friday to Turku for a private gig where I popped the cherry on my new number "Kiss" and last night Thee Dizzies had the pleasure of performing with Capital Beat, Tommy "Father Metro" Lindgren and The Backbeat Singers at the St.Patrick´s party @ Virgin Oil! The hoopla was hosted by Jameson whiskey and apparently some of the gig was streamed live to other parts of the world where similar shows were hosted. A big thank you to everybody in the band and at the venue and a special squeeze to the audience for rooting the roof off!
I thought I´d post some backstage pictures for you, there will be gig pics later taken by the wonderful Emiliano Melantri. In the words found in one of my heroes, Stephen Fry´s, book: " a small proportion to be spent on production, the rest on wine and senseless riot". If you can´t be good, be careful! Ta!

Short traslation: "We´re not responsible for stuff left backstage so lock the door". Response: "I´ll take anything that´s not screwed down" :)

When you have 6h to kill before the show hotel slippers come in really handy! Not so glam but oh! so comfy!

Sandy and Pepper watching the guys do soundcheck

Soundcheck by The Caoital Beat

Me. No lipstick= almost naked.

Ville and friend.

Aatu and, hm, same friend from a different angle.

Juho went on stage with a heart rate monitor to see how much of a workout the gig would be :)

Thee Dizzies (pic Sandy Jungle)

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