Tuesday, March 6, 2012

HBF part 2 and some sex

Spent the night at Raspberry Fields practicing both "Naked " with Sandy and Pepper (upcoming gig live with The Capital Beat at Virgin Oil 17th of March!) and doing my new number that I´ll perform for the first time the 16th at a private party in Turku. Helluva lot of sewing and glueing still!

There is some good stuff a-coming this Spring but I´ll get you updated later on that. Now I will continue to read my sex books...yup, all I have been reading and don´t you go calling me names-
it´s for my sexual counceling education. I hope to graduate next Spring and continue to study sex.therapy. Since I´m so far out of a job from next Fall this all is up in the hands of some greater power and I try to concentrate on glitter and feathers to avoid a total panic. My next seminary is going to be (among others) about the multitude of gender, BDSM as a lifestyle, sexual preferences and parafilias and trans- and other identities. I´m so excited about this class! For once it´s all *really interesting*, you know none of that mandatory statistics ;) Also planning to do my final graduate work about burlesque performers body image and if burlesque has changed that and if yes- how? If any of you have good ideas about questions I should ask or other points you think I should take into consideration please let me know! You can e-mail me on gigi.praline@gmail.com and it will be hugely appreciated!

But alas, here are the pictures from HBF, Saturday 17th Febuary! Enjoy <3

Pepper, Sandy, Miss Anne Trophy and Cleo Viper

Scarlett Martini

Welma Jackpot (as a carrot!)

Brion Bonaventura of the Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret

Lucy Goodness

The Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret

Scotty the Blue Bunny & Pepper

Hedoluxe as the very funny but disturbing Carlo Amore

Satan´s Angel and Fiona Timantti

Frank Doggenstein

"...talking to us?"

Very shiny imaginary animals, Rudie Ruthless as Unicorn with Scotty

LouLou D´Vil

Luna Rosa

Christopher Wonder

Hubby with the Queen

Ta Da and The End

"We´re DONE for the night"

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