Sunday, July 1, 2012

Go Go Dancing!

Sunday. Not a lazy one, this. I´ve been doing stuff around the house, feeding almost ten people (again) and enjoying the sun. Our puppy Elvis will be moving in this afternoon which means I have to clean out all carpets and such... Yesterday was a blast at the Rautalanka festival. I read later online that there had been a quite dramatic case when a member of the Saints got seriously ill on stage and an ambulance was called. The Dangermen played at five in the afternoon and I had to leave soon after so I missed all the drama. I think everyone is alright now and I wish all the best to everyone involved, such scary things :(
On a more happy note I really had fun trying the 60´s look. I have had an old Vuokko-dress for years and years and had it modified (zipper added to the back so one doesn´t have to pull it over the head which kinda makes it easier when having a beehive attached to the back of the head) and it was a perfect thing for the ambience of the place. I did the same eye-make up as for 1st of May, just slightly bigger lashes. Here´s some pictures from yesterday, hope you enjoy them. Oh, and I´ll be driving up to Northern Carelia on Tuesday so no blogging for about a week... Hopefully the weather will be good and I can enjoy a quiet time by lake Pielinen.
Have a marvelous Sunday! And one more thing: there will be a gay sauna (as every Sunday in the Summer) at the restaurant ship Maria in Hakaniemi, Helsinki tonight. The little extra fun for Pride-week is going to be a burlesque show by Bent van der Bleau and a penisorigami-show by A Le Cock so if you´re interested (and a man, sorry girls but this is men-only sauna) I´ve heard rumors that showtime is around 8pm!

Nastolan Rautalanka Festivaalit is held at a gorgeous location

Fan photo with Timi

With the Dangermen (dansband-feel :)

Pic by Minna Kivelä

Pic by Minna Kivelä

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