Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday thoughts, maybe.

It has been one Monday, alright. As in I´m glad to be leaving for Northern Carelia tomorrow. Not a specifically bad day but just...a Monday. I´m not packed yet but then, how much does a girl need for a bit over a week at a summer cottage with no running water?! Things that made me happy today were friends (thanks Antti for being a sweetie!), glitter butterflies given to me by my nice neighbour Katriina, shoes and books of old Hollywood legends.

The shoes actually are my `Diamonds`-number ones that used to belong to my mother. They have seen a party or two for sure. They are lovely, glittery things but a bit worn out and it´s been on my list for a while now to do something about them. Finally got to it, and some 500 Swarovski´s later they look a whole lot different! Hurrah!

Since I haven´t figured out how to post pictures from my iphone to my blog there will probably be a pause here but if something interesting turns up, I´ll post it on facebook. So not really off lines. Other than chilling by the lake (hopefully) I´ll be starting my final thesis for my sex. councelor class which means starting to work on interviews. I´ll be interviewing five Finnish female burlesque performers about their opinions on body image before and after starting their performance career so if you have any good ideas, pointers or such please let me know!

Other than this I´ll leave you with hopes of a very relaxing Summer week and the pictures of the things that made me happy today! Puss o kram!

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