Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pin Up´s

Hello again!

I´m in the middle of packing and putting things together, this time I´m off to Helsinki for two days with my partner to spend some well-deserved "two-time"! We have booked a hotel and plan to go to see Helsingin Ylioppilasteatteri´s summer-play at Mustikkamaa tonight...unless it´s raining cats & dogs. Check out tickets and shows here. Tomorrow off to Forum Box gallery -since I missed the opening of the show "Art Is So Gay" we´re going to see that. There will be 40 artists´ display of art (inspired) of sexuality and gender, amongst them my friends Tapani Kokko, Reima Juhani Hirvonen, Marko Suomi and Petra Innanen. That info one finds here. So if you re in Helsinki in the near future go check these out!!! Other than that there will be some second-hand shopping and hopefully a pedicure and of course tomorrow some drinks with good friends. Hooyah.

Anyhoo, a lot of people ask me what got me started in burlesque, the "how"-question. Truth be told, I´m not really sure. I know how the kickball went: lessons with Bettie, but what got me interested to look into burlesque remains a bit of a mystery even to myself. What I do know there is some blame in pin up-girls :) There was a point when I realized that my home is starting to overflow with all kinds of pin up-things, from calendars, pictures and statuettes to matchboxes and soap. I bought them and soon enough I started getting them as gifts from my well-observing friends. There is just something very wonderful about those old images. The innocence, the cheesecake, the eroticism has always been very appealing to me. And yes, I know that the paintings are perfected images of he models (maybe you have seen the photos of some original models? If not, you can see them e.g here ) but they still intrigue me. I haven´t got a favorite artist, there are many, but I seem to end up with a lot of Gil Elvgren-stuff. And of course, I mostly use redheaded girls when posting something ;)
Thought I would cheer your Sunday up with a couple of pretty girls, so here you go!

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