Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fairy lights and disco balls

I have had a pretty clear image in my head about what my next numbers´outfit should look like. Today I went to a fabric store and the stuff I ended up buying is ... nothing like what I had planned! My albatross will look like a gigantic disco ball :D
Talking about fairy lights. I took down our Xmas lights (you know, the ones that *clearly* are seasonal) and bought today some colored fairy lights that went right up to brighten this darkness! They will hang there until the days get *obviously* longer...which means Easter or something. I blame Turrrbo-Cherry Dee and Tinker Bell for teaching me this craziness with fairy lights ;) -our rehersal studio looks fantastic with them!
Sandy had found this photo or Thee Dizzy Daisies taken at HBF´12 on the interwebs. Unfortunately we have no clue who is the photographer, so if you are out there and see this: let yourself be known! We love the shot!

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