Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Sometimes all it takes for raising the blood-pressure is an article. Today my blood pressure hit the roof due to a story published by 21st Century Burlesque about an Alabaman judge who banned burlesque performer Ida Claire from doing *anything* burlesque in order for her to be able to keep the custody of her kids. First, when I looked at the article -maybe due to the old, black-and-white-photo, I thought this is something that has happened in the past but NO. It´s happening now, way into the 21st century. I am appalled and annoyed. Please read the whole article here.
I cannot believe that women are being penalized for their sexuality ...I don´t know what word to put here...again? STILL? I have been talking about the subject of both norms and gender on several occasions. In the rant about "teacher goes burlesque" there also is a bit about motherhood and it still blows my head off to think about how extremely narrow-minded people are!!!! I have a gnawing feeling I shouldn´t be this surprised, then a pang of "I knew it dammit!" and then it just leaves me de-flated and tired and pissed off that this is as far as we´ve gotten as a human race.
I´m off to work this annoyance off at my yoga flow class. Please stay open-minded, wonderful and work with me to end the madness! Let´s work work for equality!

Trying on my annoyed face. Photo: Adam Monaghan

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