Sunday, January 19, 2014

The sun is shining and it´s Sunday, so many things to feel happy about. I got some really exciting news about future gigs today -will keep you posted as soon as I can but for now let me just say it´ll be FUN :) Also branching out a bit... which honestly, I have wondered why I haven´t don´ that before but I´ll explain later.
Since people often focus on the negative things in life I thought of making a list of things and stuff that has made me happy or made me feel better in the last week. I haven´t written a diary in *years* but in the old ones one can find these "best-fight-now"-lists quite frequently. It´s strange how just reading that list makes me have huge flashbacks about what was going on in my life (and my head) back then. Usually I try to go by Woody Allen´s motto: "Happiness is overrated, I´d settle for a piece of mind" but today I feel more happy than just content.
On the list of last week has been: snow, hot yoga, friends, laughter, New Sherlock Holmes, Therapy? (the band), cats, puppy and sushi.
What´s on yours?

Photo: Atelieri O. Haapala

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