Sunday, May 25, 2014

Drop it like it´s hot!

I´ve been performing since 2010 and never dropped a pastie or tassel...until last night :)
Sinsational Spring Awakening was HOT! And I mean literally: we´ve had a heatwave in Finland, +30C for a week so every place is *steaming*. The venue was at the oldest restaurant still in use in Hellsinki so I´m guessing the AC is not really up-to-date (everything else is wonderful!) and the backstage was crazy hot! You had sweat running down your body even before you took one step! I was dying in my outfit - a full-sequined dress and that glorious Star Boa made by Fannie Annie (all fantastic 3 meters of it) and had to give up on my tassel glue: they just kept popping! Thank you Pepper for lending me your mat tape...but not even THAT could keep my tassel on during the crazy twirling in the cats-duo :D
One thing I have learned is that whatever happens on stage you just have to own it and keep on going. So I did, -boobs galore and just ripped the other one off as well in the end. Trying to cover it with one hand would have just made the whole coreo a mess. Besides: it´s just a breat right? Fun part was my mother and my step-dad were in the audience as were a lot of my colleagues from my day-job haha! Got a lot of cheers for a good attitude and I wan´t the only one who popped that night, my girl Tinker Bell and some others joined that club as well! WOOP!
Started packing for Vienna since me, Pepper and Lola fly out this Tuesday. CRAZY! I´m really nervous but very very excited! Right now I´m mostly worried that my bags will get lost on the way since we have a flight change in Riga...yikes.
Thank you Bettie Blackheart for last night! You´re one amazing power house of a woman <3

Have a great Sunday!

"Zigoto" by Sadie Tee

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