Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Vappu!

First of may is celebrated in Finland as the day of the workers and the students, tomorrow there will be a whole lot of hungover people having brunch in the bigger parks as well as lost balloons in the air :) Happy first if May, folks!

I went to my sisters´  housewarming, drove back and *finally* got my music mixed for my upcoming number that has been under the name of "Albatross". It now has a new name: ZIGOTO. Yes, I do realize it means a zygote in some languages but I´ve chosen the meaning of the French "odd bird" or "weirdo" ( ´outo lintu´ in Finnish, -you know with the bird-theme and all). Not that I see so much wrong with the other meaning... I am trying to do something on stage that I have not really been at before ;)

So, happy Vappu and First of May to ya´ll and be well and safe! if you want to see the odd bird flying (or attempting to) do get tickets for the Sinsational Spring Awakening! My mother has hers already! <3

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