Saturday, May 3, 2014


In case you have missed this: I love leopardprint. As in: LOVE. I remember back as a kid I used to snicker at my great aunt who wore it quite a bit. As a teen I thought it was the height of yuck! and tacky as hell. Now I rarely, -if ever, leave the house without at least one piece of leopard on me. It´s become a joke and my "brand", so much so that my niece knows me as "Pantermoster" (panther auntie) and my students probably think I´m nuts :) My mother keeps buying me things (sofa cushions, an umbrella, clothes...) in that print. My husband asked if this is something that women get "with age" ...which I really can´t answer except that in my case it has been so.
I am proud to be a part of the Leopardprint Tribe, a clan of people all over the world that boldly flaunt the animal side of their being! It makes me also very happy that a lot of the Glitter Tribe aka burlesquers love leopard :) So today is our day: the International Leopardprint Day! Grrauh!

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