Saturday, August 16, 2014


The past week included some moments of pain, gain and fun including our weekly rehearsals and the hoop dance workshops I took on Wednesday (the pain was the huge bruise I managed to get on my hand from trying to manouver the hoop...) I can safely say I won't be a hoop dancer - it's much harder than it looks! but I was happy to be able to get it at least spinning a bit :) Thank you Merilei Mandelin!!! A week ago I challenged myself with aerial yoga which I loved and I've decided to cram in some Bollywood-dance classes this Fall as we'll! Noticing these crazy things keep me alert and inspired!
Yesterday I performed with my drag mother Lola Vanilla at a birthday party and today taught a great fun bachlorette class at Raspberry Fields. I came up with the coreo late last night (that's what happens when I nap; can't sleep and inspiration hits at weird hours...) -and despite a few mandatory cock-ups (teacher forgetting the steps ...) the ladies were awesome! 
Tomorrow is a well-deserved day off. I might work on my elbow-stands but then again... I just might cook and read on the sofa :) Have a good Sunday folks <3

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