Sunday, August 24, 2014


Super-duper thank you´s to Kiki Hawaiji for making Paljettipommi, to the the whole crew that helped out last night, the performers and the audience! Thanks to you my life sometimes is a glittering bubble I don´t want to burst <3
The FIRST Finnish burlesquezine can also be read online if you can´t wait to get the paper copy!!! Link to it here!

I´ll post some pictures later, right now all I can manage is laundry (WHERE does that come from?!?!?) and gardening... Hope to manage awake for a couple of more hours, it´s been a fun but pretty exhausting weekend (that´s what driving approx. 1200km in 24h wil do to ya...)

Have a good start for the week!

Photo: Kaylin Idora

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