Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sweet August nights

Teacherlife is back ON since school started this week but Summer is far from over! It´s so hot and sunny still that we should really all be lying on beaches with umbrella-drinks in our hands but what can one do?!? Next week Thee Dizzies will start training our new number that will premiere later this Fall and we are also brushing up on our solos! My "Zigoto" is far from ready (it really was a first draft at the Spring Awakening this May...) and my "Diamonds" Vol2 has finally gotten some stuff that I think works for the new songs. In a couple of weeks me and the girls will join forces to promote and celebrate the FIRST Finnish burlesquezine (magazine about burlesque) Paljettipommi! and the party is held at Wäiski in Hellsinki. The performers are some of the trailblazing ones in Finland and the numbers to be seen are some of the first ones these performers ever did! So some of them have not been seen for ages! I think this is a purrfect reason to get those tickets -that is, if you really need a reason? August is wonderful: dark, balmy nights...what better way to spend them than on a boat in glittery company?!?!?
New York is getting closer as well...we got flights and flat settled! Yikes and hurrah!

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