Sunday, January 13, 2013

In the middle

Some people say that you should not show work in progress. BS! I say. Work in progress can be hugely inspirational. You should not *judge* things not finished but then I'm not much for judging anyway ;)
I started my Project: Shoe HBF13 last night. I realized that the glitter faux pas I did when ordering (too small) is actually working to my benefit here since it's easier to make patterns with smaller stones. I found these pretty shoes (Material Girl) in Florida last June but the feeling was not quite right with the ribbons for what I need. Olivia suggested to clip them off and voila! we have a pair with much more delicacy plus it's easier to add rhinestones in the colors of the outfit to tie everything together for an ensemble. This is not finished but here's a few shots to give you an idea. Have an inspirational Sunday!!!

Before and almost after.
Where I left things last night.
The small meets the bigger.

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