Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Daddy in Me

Oh my :)
My Lucia just got some new stuff today... I had a wonderful (private) workshop with Bent van der Bleau about how to find my inner leather daddy. You know, those marvelous ûber masculine gay men who are hot as hell and whose whole visual image is just absolutely spellbinding and beautiful (to me). I guess I have to say here first hand that I don´t believe that there are only two genders (as in feminine and masculine) but that most of us have both sides, in different amounts. Depending on the culture, the norms and the era one lives in different amounts of that get out. I have always connected very much to what I (half-jokingly) call "the gay man in me" and I find especially the leather scene very interesting and a visual turn on. Being more of a femme in my every day-life does not stop me from wanting to get to know this gay man in me more. I have penis envy on two occasions: 1) when I have to pee outside in the winter and 2) when there´s a men-only party at a gay club. 
So I talked to Bent and he promised to help me out with this. No, he still can´t get me in to the club (goddamnit!) but he had some awesome tricks to help lure out that masculinity. The most surpirsing was that putting something (in my case: my leopard scarf!) up my trousers as a fake penis made me walk, talk and act differently. This should not be surprising in any way :) but it was! 
So next time I do my Lucia it will for sure be quite different.
Thank you, Bent. You´re da MAN <3

Not oranges but bottles under the arms to give that little xtra whoosh :)
How to do it. My man Bent.
Version 1.0 : feet are wrong. Forget heels!
Version 2.0: better. Not perfect, but better.
What we work with.
My package.
TA DA! (and ass confetti)


  1. Did you overdo the package a little bit =D

  2. " A bit" :D yeah, as in the understatement of the year!!! It was the WHOLE scarf!