Saturday, January 26, 2013

This season I´ve been mainly...

Have you ever watched the Fast show? I´s this brilliant British comedy series. One of my favourite characters is this man coming out from a barn or something announcing that "this season I´ve been mainly wearing yogurt" or some similar nonsense :) I know, it´s stupid written down but it´s hilarious. British comedy really works for me...Absolutely Fabulous, the Black Adder...Smack the Pony must be one of my all time favourites. Here´s one that might give burlesquers an extra kick: 

But this week I haven´t been mainly wearing yogurt (even if it would probably be great for the skin) but doing stuff like...

Organizing my hair thingies.
Got red?
Practicing with Tinker Bell @ Raspberry Fields.
Wearing leg warmers very 80´s style because it´s COLD!
Thinking about Aatamin asussa-boylesque happening 08th of Feb. Here´s me with Hedoluxe last HBF. 

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