Friday, January 18, 2013

Siberia chic

Brrrr!!!! It has been really old around here again, we had -26 C this morning and it seems to be as cold tonight (same degrees as we speak). But what a beautiful day! Sunshine and clear skies. Winter as it´s best! 
I had my first class with Tinker Bell this afternoon, and as wonderful as Raspberry Fields studio is, it can be a bit chilly. So woollen socks, leg warmers (very Wham!) and pullovers it was. We got my coreo nicely started, hurrah! More to come next week. I also learned that trying to move arms in a gypsy-dance-kinda-way is friggin´  HARD :) Unfortunately me and Sandy had to cancel the go go gig with the Dangermen tomorrow since Sandy has caught a bad case of stomach flue. SORRY!!! But if you are in Hellsinki you should definetly go to Instro A Go Go and get a load of some great surf-music!!! Do some moves for us as well <3

West Siberia Stripper Chic.
Hooyah. Pretty but COLD!
My girl Tink <3
Baby food= snack for winners :)

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