Friday, February 1, 2013

All Male! One week to go!

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Friday. What a glorious excuse :) I have done work, 3h worth of dancing (of which two with Tinker Bell working on my up coming number) and now I´m sitting with some sparkling wine and shitloads
(I´m teling you: LOTS!!! as in thousands) of glitter stones, tons of glue and trying to pimp that costume up. Not doing that grand, let me tell you. I´m pretty tired and the wine is about the only thing sparkly at the table right now.

Well, no need to be sad, though. That is, it´s exactly ONE week to go to the first time ever- all male performers- burlesque-event in Finland! Aatamin asussa -ainakin melkein is ON next week Friday at Ravintola Kaisaniemi. There will be the wonderful Finnish performers in new combos and set up´s and it does not stop there:  Hedoluxe from Hamburg will be shaking his thang and there is my favorite Bunny to host the whole extravaganza!!! Do not miss this!  

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