Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's a kinda magic

Today I have learned some magic that makes me want to RIP to pieces all my performance bra´s and make them new. Or at least parts of them. Too bad the festival is in a week haha! it´s magic. It´s a fraud. It is gimmicks. It´s showbusiness! If you want to learn the tricks to the trade take Alli Ruth´s class when in Hellsinki this Spring/Summer. I will tell you when it´s up, promise. It was GOOD. Your boobs will thank you.

Material. Anywhere you can get it for cheap. Even upholstery.
Alli showing how it´s done.
Massacre of the bra.
To stiffen things up. harhar.
Kiki, the organizer for this in Turku.
Pepper´s stuff. Such a lady, always goddamnit :)
Tramp more than a lady, I am.

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