Saturday, February 9, 2013

Carpe Diem

My blue, spandex-clad friend was right (again). All of a sudden I want to make a stupid reference to mothers always being right, but maybe it´s not that far fetched? Scotty the Blue Bunny has been doing and breathing burlesque since the Tyrannosaurus walked the earth (according to himself - I would never dare to say that. The rule of "don´t guess the age of a drag queen" also goes for spandex bunnies in my book)  so he *knows* his shit. So I took his advice, put down my phone and did not take one single picture of the show last night. There were professional photographers present. As usual. 

Last night was History in Making- an evening of all male performers in Hellsinki, three newbies on stage among a stone hard line up. Pun intended ;) It was living, stripping proof of that we have a pretty awesome scene going here!!! 

When I locate photos of performances I will beg, steal and borrow to get them, in the meantime here are some snaps from between the sets. Thank you everyone involved, Bettie and Epe for organizing, friends and performers for making a wonderful night! Love is in the air!

Thee Dizzy Daisies. I seem to have broken the suspender rule.
Sir Willy. <3
My friend who came to see burlesque for the FIRST time got a blue hug.
Pepper and Molla, revealed.
The Men.
More hugs.
Tinker Bell. She is so gorgeous even from behind.

Tink and Macha.
With Hedoluxe. This guy. No words <3

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