Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Good Cause

As much as we love animal prints, we do want the big cats (and small ones, for that matter) to keep their furs! Some of the big kitties are very rare and endangered, so if you want to help and make donations follow the links : World Animal Net and WWF. I hope the Leopard Print Day can become a part of working together to save wildlife, as well as dress nice!
Here are some more shots from last night! Oh, and if any of you wonder my dress is Stop Staring! and shoes from Tallinn...(red leather jacket is my mother´s old from the 80´s).

Bags, once more. Pic: Bettie Blackheart

Pic: Bettie Blackheart

A Russ Meyer angle to me and Bettie (pic: Bettie)

Me and Cherry leoparding about. Photo from Cherry.
I do love her Trashy Diva coat <3
Me and Lille Skutt
With Sandy <3
Lovely Tinker Bell went punk leopard :) Luuuv it!

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  1. Thank you :) You are so lovely <3
    Welcome - Leopard Day 2014 :)