Saturday, May 25, 2013


Tonight there will be some amazing shaking and shimmying going on at Kaisaniemi. How do I know? Because I took both Minnie Tonka's and Erochica Bamboo's workshops last night. These women are FIERCE! Plus there will be some excellent Finnish performers as well !
Last Thursday we had a show at Bar 7 Blings, good fun. The stage was a challenge since it's divided with a pillar and the audience in sitting in different directions, but I like that one has to step over the comfort zone and really work the audience :) One thing I have learned is that I try to make numbers that fit on different sized stages or things that can be modified. "In Flames" unfortunately can't be done in very small spaces due to the veil and fans might come with challenge. My upcoming "Praline Airlines" is... To be seen haha! I'm getting the last bits of my outfit today and the premiere will be next Saturday in Tampere. Have a great weekend and hope to see tonight in Kaisaniemi!

Vera D´Vil, Sandy Jungle, me and Pepper Sparkles wearing Helsinki Burlesque Festival shirts in time-order at Minni Tonka´s workshop last night

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